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The most rewarding thing about owning Ember Cove is receiving all the wonderful feedback. I am absolutely thrilled I have so many happy customers that have benefited from my products. Please take a moment to read through these testimonials, and thank you so much to all my supporters! :) Feel free to send me your feedback - sales@embercove.com

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To be perfectly honest, I was initially hesitant to try any out because of the fact that compared to supermarket soap prices, it's high. But I was willing- especially after a free sample, to dive in. I was initially very interested in the breakfast soap, but I think I enjoy the lemon soap as well- something I would not have tried had it not been the sample sent.

While it is pricy for someone on a strict budget, it is something I feel is worth the money. Using this soap is completely different than using anything you can buy in the store, and the scents are thankfully very subtle and not overpowering even in the shower. You don't feel like you washed yourself in perfume.

I personally have pretty severe psoriasis, and just finding soaps that don't irritate it is hard enough - I'd been using unscented Dove soap, unscented at the advice of a dermatologist. However with Ember Cove soaps, even the ones that are scented don't irritate my skin, and they moisturize it a good bit, I find myself using less lotion overall after a shower.

I've had the joy of using one of the lip balms too, and even as someone who doesn't use lip balms typically, it was comfortable to use and helped my lips which had been a little dry at the time.

One day I hope to try the lotions, though I'm still hesitant as I go through a great deal of lotion generally, and it's not the most cost effective decision. (A little dab of the lotion goes an extremely long way. If you have enough lotion to cover the surface of a dime, you have enough and more to cover your face. Lightly "spot" the lotion on your face spacing them about two inches away from eachother on all sides, then rub the spots together into your skin when you're done. - Ember)

- Comic


Really liked all the stuff I bought last time and ordered some more. I got 5 bars of the lemon soap because they are amazing and on sale. The lotion/lip balms were good too, I hope the sandalwood lotion smells good. The free bees are awesome as well. 

- Andre

Got my lotion a few days ago and it is amazing! 

- Anonymous

Forgot to check in from my valentines day order. Wife absolutely LOVES your products.

- Anonymous

Your product is brilliant!

I just ordered a handful of the luxury lotions (the almond biscotti is beyond description) and am really pleased with how the product feels and lasts. A friend of mine, who also does testing for you, Erika, introduced me to your products and am fully sold on everything. Even the things I haven't tried yet. She deserves some kind of finder's fee! I may move onto your soaps next as I recently switched to using goat soap, and lo and behold, you carry it too!

Keep it up!

 - David


I got my stuff a few days ago. I have to say, I want to devour this lemon soap. 

- Luciano

Got my order today! Cedar and Saffron soap smells so awesome, it's hard to pick between that and the Indian Sandalwood as my favorite. 

- Jesse

Got my order, it all smells AMAZING, thanks!

- Anonymous

I got my order yesterday and it smells amazing! 

- Anonymous

Just wanted to let you know I got my order on Saturday and I'm in love with the lotion already! 

- Anonymous

I guess now's as good of a time as any to post up my review of the moisturizers. To sum it up: I LOVE THEM. Ember has an eternal customer in me. My skin is awfully dry, especially in the winter, and every hand lotion out there I've tried has either proceeded to dry it out even more or been one of those super greasy formulations you had to use with gloves.

These lotions are the best I've found so far. My hands are far dry and rough spots are slowly disappearing. 

- Jenny

The lotions are amazing. I made the mistake of ordering one bottle, people came over, used the bottle over the course of a week and now I have to buy more, plus extras for others. My face laps it up but it never becomes greasy (i'm looking at you, st. ives "moisturizer").

Also I keep eating the lip balms. 

- Christian

Alright I just ordered another set of soaps as well as a lip balm! Order number 1033.

Got a lemon soap, indian sandalwood and peppermint. I'm really excited for the lemon as I've purchased goats milk soap from a store I was working on during December and one of them was lemon, I'm interested in seeing how it compares.

How did I like the soaps from my previous purchase? Well obviously I liked them a lot to be ordering again! Generally after showering with store bought soap my face feels like its burning after showering and after putting my clothes on my back would feel really itchy. With these I don't get that feeling, my back doesn't get all itchy when I wear clothes, and my face doesn't feel like its burning.

Actually my job is starting to work me again, and I remodel stores. Generally I get covered in a lot of dust, I get a ton of little nicks that don't tend to scab up and cause a lot of pain when soap gets into them. I look forward to seeing how these soaps work after my work.

- Luciano


I got an Almond Biscotti bar soap, an Island Coconut bar soap (for my fiancee as a late birthday gift), a Peppermint bar soap, two Baby Soaps (one kitten, one puppy), an Island Coconut lotion, a Raspberry Lemonade lotion, and a tube of Banana Coconut, Raspberry, and Orange Cream lipbalm.

The lotions are AMAZING. The scent is there without being too faint, too subtle, or too overpowering. They're super-creamy and thick, but they sink right in and don't leave your skin greasy, just soft and smelling great.

I can ALSO see why everyone wants to eat the lip balm, as Merrill said. They feel AMAZING on my lips, and I don't have to keep reapplying it forever (I'm sick with bronchitis and for some reason, stuff like that dries my lips out horribly and leaves them cracked and sore, so I've been slathering on lip balm all week). It's more "scented" than "flavored", I'd say, but the flavor that DOES come through isn't perfumy or unpleasant, it's really tasty. I enjoy that there are no artificial sweeteners in there, because I've used flavored lip balms with artificial sweeteners that were hideous. This just has a subtle flavor, and is JUST subtle enough to stop you from licking it all off your lips.

The soaps all smell AMAZING, and I can't wait to use them! I'm very VERY impressed with the baby soap: what scent it has is just creamy milk and honey, nothing else. Plus, the molds are super-cute.

I was also surprised with the size of the bees... they're perfect as guest soaps for when my family comes to visit, and I got freaking FIVE of them, so I'm pretty excited. I already promised one to a friend of mine, but I'm gonna hoard at least two for myself. They're just too cute.

Thank you SO MUCH for being so awesome and sending everything so quickly! I enjoyed your note as well. I'm still totally going to scrub down my boys and then roll around in a vat of your lotion. Plz start selling lotion in vat sizes, tia. 

- Kathleen 

Got my soaps and stuff a couple days ago. Haven't used any of the soaps yet, since I'm finishing up a bar, but they smell great - especially the lemon and peppermint. And thank you for all the bees!

The lotion is pretty awesome, and I'm glad I tried it. The thing I usually don't like about lotion is how it lingers, but yours absorbs really well.

And I can see why everyone wants to eat the orange lip balm.... 

- Anonymous

I got my soaps in and the wife love them! I even brought one of the bee soaps to work to have everyone smell them a few guys said they smelled good enough to eat and i agree. Thanks for the great Products and the personal touch!

- Anonymous

I bought some of your soaps a while back and I just wanted to say thank you and that I think they are wonderful
They still have a while to go since I mostly just use them to wash my face with! One thing I was surprised by was the size of the Free-Bees! For some reason from the picture I thought they were little coin-sized sample soaps or something.. but they're full sized - as big as my palm!

I also ordered some of your lotion and I agree with what an earlier goon posted; it just smells so.... JUICY (I got the citrus one)! It smells like a creamsicle or something and just makes me thirsty. I'm not ashamed to say I spent the day shoving my hands in people's faces saying "SMELL THIS!". The lotion itself is light and absorbs pretty quickly as well.

Can't wait to get more of your soaps in the future as well as some of your lip balm!

- Anonymous

Sniffoholic Trip Report:
Just popping in to say I got my order and all the scents are awesome, as always. I want to EAT the bar of Gingersnap soap. I'm so impressed by how well you nail all the scents.

I know you listed Zanzibar Spice as a "masculine scent," but I disagree. I mean, it's not girly at all, but I think any gender could easily wear that scent and not be considered odd. It's a very warm, spicy smell that depending on the person and the situation could be cozy or sexy. So far, to my nose, the only distinctly masculine one has been the Juniper Sage. The Cedar Saffron is probably muy macho, but I haven't smelled that one yet.

The Freesia is really intriguing! I wasn't sure what it would smell like. It's nothing like I expected, but I like it. It's floral, but also... I don't know, almost peppery.

The Indian Sandalwood is perfect. Distinctive but not overpowering. Sandalwood rocks because it layers well with almost everything else.

I got the unscented to use on my face. I discovered that your lotion makes a nice makeup primer - for my skin type, anyway. (I was using the scented lotions without any reactions, but not crazy about having that much scent on my face.)

The lip balms in tube form are awesome, but I think I'll be using them up a lot quicker this way! LOL Everyone loves the little bee soaps and they always say the same thing - they want to eat them. LOL


- Kelly

Just made my bigass order! It's the one with all the coconut-scented stuff and the baby soaps.

I'm SO EXCITED. As soon as they get here, I'm taking a bath. And then bathing the baby. And then pushing my fiancee in the bath and scrubbing him. And then just gonna roll around in a vat of lotion. 

- Kathleen

Just pulled the trigger on a Gift Bag and a Peppermint Bar! Im not going to be able to hide it from her anyway, i get too proud of myself for finding something i think she will like that i give it to her when i get it anyway, just like i gave her valentine's gift to her before Valentine's Day. I cannot wait to try my peppermint Bar!! 

- Anonymous

Argh I came back for more soaps and somehow my shopping cart has lip balms and lotions.

My last purchase should have lasted longer but I ended up giving them away to people who saw them in my cabinet and loved them. 

- Christian

Just got my two soaps(lemon and christmas spice) along with my orange cream lip balm and Midnight Musk lotion. This lotion is a great scent and I think the name is fitting. I can't quite get the full experience cuz i'm getting over a cold, but it definitely smells good. It's more of a cologne scent than your other lotions. A guy lotion for sure.

Thanks again Ember!! 

- Chad

I just made another big order. It seems that I have decided on Almond Biscotti as my soap scent (all because of the free bees) and Island Coconut as my lotion scent.

To add to the discussion about how long soaps last, mine typically last from 1-2 weeks, with them typically lasting closer to one week. I'm the type who uses the bar directly on my skin, and I think that's the main difference. The soap is noticeably smaller when I put it back in the dish than when I took it out, and then it goes on to live under my drippy shower head. It does go on my skin quite thickly, but I love the feeling so it's worth it to me.

Oh, and my enormous fatty of a cat loves the twine that comes wrapped around the soaps more than life itself, so they are not only the greatest soaps ever, but contain the greatest cat toys ever according to said fatty.

Love the new site!

Edit: almost forgot, as far as slivers go, I just glue the sliver to a fresh bar with water. No sliver issues here, they just fuse together into a new bar. 

- Sara

Soap review: I ordered oatmeal and regular Christmas Spice. I was slightly concerned after using it that my skin had a tight, squeaky clean feeling [usually a sign that precedes a rosacea flush], but after drying off, the sensation vanished and everything felt actually moisturized... plus no hint of a blush. I may not need the lotion as much with the soap, but that won't stop me from enjoying it and the two products together didn't cause any reaction [this has become surprisingly common even from the same product line]. 

- Anonymous

Just placed a order to restock up on soap. Love the new site, much easier to navigate and find things. It would be nice if possible to update the quantity of items before putting them in the basket but not a huge deal.

Don't think I ever had a chance to post some feedback on the lip balm, but the stuff is wonderful. Nice and smooth and not too thick, flavor is really nice as well. Ordered another orange cream for my sister (had to hide mine so she wouldn't steal it) looking forward to trying another flavor soon. 

- Anonymous

Just got my soap today so a few things:

1. Thank you for the Free Bees!
2. I am sold on this product, and will continue buying more. My skin feels nice and clean without it burning my skin off or having a greasy film. Also that Indian Sandalwood smells awesome.

There's no reason why people shouldn't at least try your product. It's that good. 

- Betsy

My package arrived and holy crap, all the free bees. Totally going to the friends/family I like best.

The orange cream lip balm is precisely what lip balm should be: light, non-sticky, deliciously scented, and long-lasting.

I bought two lotions: christmas spice and winter white. I'll have to try the christmas spice at some point because I can't stop sniffing the winter white. The scent is subtle and complimentary to everything I wear, while the formula is intensely moisturizing without feeling greasy, and I don't have to sit there waiting for it to soak in. With my retardedly sensitive skin [plus rosacea], I was expecting some sort of reaction, but nope! It's cool, lovely, and soothing, just like it should be.

Packaging is cute and minimal. Having your soap labels also function as your business cards means no waste when I'm handing them out. Customer service [even when I goofed] was top-notch.

I'll be trying out the soaps tomorrow, but you already have a customer for life. Please never stop selling the winter white.

- Anonymous

My lip balm sample arrived a few days ago, I've been using it fairly regularly since. In the great white north here, the cold weather was causing my lips to become rather cracked and damaged. This balm seems to have cleared that up entirely. My lips feel quite healthy now. 

- Josh

I definitely am looking forward to my package. After going back to Dove bars for financial reasons, I'm starting to consider nice soap as a 'quality of life' thing. I had previously considered Dove to be pretty good as far as soap goes, too. So I cut back on other expenses to get nice soap that makes the day just that much nicer.

Though I think I am going to save my 'soap saver' thing to stash leftover slivers of soap in until it gets more full rather than sticking a full bar in there- which at least for the one I picked up, I think was the intent it was created.

- Comic

Forgot to mention that I got my lip balm sample a few days ago. I love it and will definitely be buying some (as well as more soap and lotion) soon!

- Emily

Ordered a bunch of stuff, excited to see how the girlfriend likes it. 

- Anonymous

Got my order yesterday. Pleased as usual. Top notch quality!!

- Garrett

Hey Ember! I wanted to let you know that the wife loved everything. She didn't want to stop smelling the lemon soap, but she said they all smelt great and she was very happy with it.

- Anonymous

Just ordered some stuff and left you a note. Got some lip balm, lotion, and soap. I'm usually not a fancy product kind of guy so my skin should be a lot better off if the reviews are anything to go by. 

- Andre

I got my order the other day! :D The recipients loved the soaps and lotions - the ones I didn't hoard for myself, anyway. LOL The lip balms are amazing! I am more of an EOS fan then Burt's Bees when it comes to lip stuff, and your balms blow them both away - not even a close call. I was initially concerned about the hardness, but it spreads fine and really moisturizes well without feeling (or looking) goopy or sludgy. I hate goopy lips. If you ever branch out into tinted or shimmer balms, I am SO on it! 

- Kelly

The soaps came in yesterday! Everything was just as ordered, looks great and smells fantastic. The Lemon on is perfect (the wife loves lemongrass and it's a perfect mix).

Also got 2 Bee Soaps even though my order wasn't exactly over $25 (it was pretty close though), was not expecting that. Very generous.

Will buy from again! (Can't wait to see how the wife likes them on v-day).


- Anonymous

Just ordered some more! Got my soap a few days ago and it's amazing stuff. Leaves your skin soft and moisturized, not dried out and tight feeling like the usual Dove bar I'd use. Though the best is how well it works on my face. Usually if I don't put moisturizer on after washing I'll end up with some dry patches. After using this soap my skin is perfect, not dry or oily or irritated, just clean and resilient how it should be. Your skin will also be smelling great but it's very low-key, not obviously apparent at all. People will subconsciously sense your cleanliness and enlightened mastery of hygiene like hypnotic pheromones and only know that they feel safe and warm in your company. That is assuming you tried a scented one, and you definitely should, even especially if you're a dude!

Take my money, send me more SOAP! 

- Anonymous

Just got my order. I haven't tried the bars yet, but since you were sweet enough to give me one of the free hand soaps (even though I didn't qualify for the $15 deal,) I tried it out and I think I just woke up from the Matrix. I've always heard people always talk about that film you get on your hands from using soap, and I finally realized what they were talking about the second I was done with your soap. They should have sent a poet.

I'll have a more detailed report about the bars once I use 'em.

Edit: I have used the peach breakfast soap. Believe the hype people. I used to think f**k soap, body wash is the sh*t. Well f**k body wash, goat milk soap is the sh*t. 

- Anonymous

Late review on the lip balm sample! Got it sometime... either last week or the week before (my sense of time during school is horrid, my apologies) and I tried it once before handing it off to the person who would truly be using it.

My own experience? Very nice, it didn't feel like I had anything coating my lips but my lips were unusually soft afterwards. There was a quite pleasing orange cream scent I could detect when sniffing the balm but I wasn't bothered by it lingering after application. I have never done much for lip care unless things get in a bad situation with them, though.

I tried to get a more detailed review from the samplee, but the most I could get was "This is awesome. It's great." And then I never saw it again.

- Comic

This lip balm is amazing. 

- Amanda

Just gonna say I had some of Ember's lip balm on when I kissed my ladyfriend the other night, she stole it from me. 

- Chad

I love the lip balm you make. I've been using Burt's Bees for years and I much prefer yours over Burt's. The orange creme sample you sent me is awesome and I've been using it for almost a week now. I think you said you were going to change the size or color of it but I think you should leave it how it is. 

- Anonymous

Ordered some lip balm for my ladyfriend - looking forward to hearing about how much she loves it
It all looks so good I want to order some of it for myself soon!

- Anonymous

I got my soaps and lotions a while ago, but wanted some time to try them out and get feedback from the folks I shared them with. I really can't add much to the praise that everyone has already given, but I really do feel like gushing on about these products, so I'm going to.

The skin of the "testers" runs the full gambit from dry/flaky/inflamed to oily/zit city to super-sensitive, and I have a little of all of those. :( If I'm lucky, I can use a good gentle soap on my body, but never on my face, unless I want to look like a burn trauma victim. Well, guess what? I can use this on my face! It's awesome - I'm not sure how it does it, but it makes the oily zones feel super-clean and the dry patches feel soft and moisturized. I'm hooked! <3 Everyone who's tried the soap loves it. Hopefully, they'll put their money where their mouths are and not expect me to subsidize their hygiene now that they have the website address.

The lotion... wow. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, but I'm such a sucker for lotions, especially if the scents sound good. I haven't had a lot of luck with the homemade types. They're invariably watery, waxy or oily. The scent is either too strong or too weak, or smells too synthetic. When I sniffed the 2 I got from you, I was blown away by how great they smell. The clementine cupcake was not even my choice, but something suggested by a friend. I wanted to DRINK the bottle of lotion. And wearing it? Ha! Do you know how disconcerting it is to have strangers say they want to eat you?   Well, ok, disconcerting in a good way. Heh.   So yea, half the freaking bottle is already gone because it got passed around and everyone slathered it on themselves. I thought I was going to go into sugar shock. The jasmine is really awesome too, but not quite as attention getting - a good thing, I think! As for the quality of the lotion - it's amazing. If it had NO scent at all, it would still be worth getting. It feels wonderful! And that soft, silky smoothness lasts. I love it.

So uh, yea, I'm back for more. 

- Kelly

Got the stuff in the mail yesterday, I'll wait a week or two before giving a full out review on what me and my mom think but all I can say right now is:

My god these things smell so good. I have to try so hard to not eat the honey bee soap. My mom also enjoys the smells of the soap and the lotion. Actually a funny story, yesterday like hours before we got the package my mom asked if I ever thought about buying these soaps as I mentioned these to her before. Why I certainly did think about it 

- Luciano 

I gave my mother one of the little bee soaps, and she smelled it and was like "Is...is this honey? Sniff sniff sniff. What is this...Sniiiiffff...it smells so good!" And I'm pretty sure she wanted to eat it.

Anyway. Everything I've ordered smells incredible. I started off with some soaps, and all of them were really nice. I have the coconut soap in my kitchen and it makes my whole apartment smell good. Not in a bad, overpowering way, it's a really light fragrance that is noticeable, but not obnoxious. These soaps also really do make my skin feel awesome. Normal hand soap kills my hands, especially in the winter, but I don't get that dryness at all with these. They're just wonderful. A really great product.

And the lotions are great too. They absorb relatively quickly and don't feel greasy. The "Day at the Beach" scent is wonderful. When I first put it on, I was like, "Okay, this smells like sunscreen" but almost immediately, the sunscreen smell goes away and you get a salty, floral scent. It's hard to describe, but I'm really in love with this scent. It really does remind me of the beach.

Ember, you are a magician. 

- Daniel

Alright alright... Time for a review.

I have dry skin on the order of it being so bad that winter is a legitimate hell for me. My skin will become so dry it will actually crack and cause bleeding. Sometimes when I work out it will feel like fire ants are crawling on my skin because the burning sensation is so bad. I've never really been able to use soap on my skin my entire life because everything only makes it worse.

Blah Blah. /whine

None of that happens with this soap. In fact my skin has become much smoother and I'm using less lotion now then I ever have before in my life. If you are on the fence about ordering these products trust me they work, they smell pleasant, and they will not irritate the most sensitive of skins.

But don't eat it just because it has honey in it. 

- Christopher

Dude this orange creme lip balm is..the ...balm?

I like it, I'll keep using it for sure. 

- Chad

I received my soaps today. They smell so good and my husband said they didn't make his skin feel dry at all. Thanks! 

- Angie

Just put in an order. My breakfast bar still has some time on it even after using it mostly every day for a couple months or so. Upped the order this time though.. Lavender lotion, peppermint soap!!! Even trying a peach scented breakfast bar. I can't wait. 

- Garrett

I'll add to the satisfied reviews going around.

I bought three bars of soap and a lotion back in December. I wanted it primarily as a face wash. I have a stupid complexion that cycles from decent to horrible in a predictable way (stupid hormones) and I've tried almost everything, so hey, why not this? I bought the lemon, oatmeal, and a breakfast bar.

I've only used the lemon bar so far and, while I definitely loved the way it made my skin feel right away, it made me break out at first. That can happen with new products though (could also be coincidence), so I stuck with it and developed a routine of using the soap and moisturizers twice a day, plus benzoyl peroxide at night because that is the only thing I've found that works, though it dries out my skin. Almost two months later, my complexion looks much better. Not perfect, but I just got through my typical horrible complexion stage without it actually being horrible! Plus, my skin isn't dry despite the horrible horrible dry air in my house!

Plus, I just like using the soap. Before I was using some boring salicylic acid wash and it was doing nothing and just drying out my skin. This soap is fun to use, feels and smells good, which really helped me stick to a routine. I think I'll enjoy the breakfast bar even more when I get done with the lemon.

The lotion is also awesome, the winter white smell is delicious.

My only regret is that I won't get to smell all the awesome smells because I should probably stay away from strong fragrances for a facial soap (plus I think I'll get hooked on the exfoliating coffee in the breakfast bar). There's always more lotion though... 

- Stacey

Even though I ordered the soaps a few months ago I just got around to using them. After having an allergic reaction to another brand of soap I decided it was time for a change and started using the oatmeal bar. It cleared up the allergic reaction and helped with my dry skin! I love it! Next order I place I think I might add in some lilac because I love the way that the flower smells and it sounds like the soap smells exactly like it! 

- Erika

The lotion is done very well - it's basically what I needed as this season has been relatively dry. I love the scent in particular

In any case, it'll be a bit since I order more soap. I now have a lot to get through. 

- Nathan

Breakfast soap is great - love using it in the morning!
Your lotion is fantastic - great for my hands, which get really rough and dry during the winter months. It's also helping a patch of dry itchy skin on top of my ribcage greatly! 

- Anonymous

Just placed an order. I couldn't decide on smells so just got a few different ones. I'll probably end up trying them all eventually. I'm a sniffaholic. :D Send me a free bee soap, if you have any left. :)

- Kelly

Decided to take advantage of the sale to grab a couple of breakfast soaps and some more lotion. Gonna try out the latter in peach this time! Given how fast I went through the last bottle I'll probably wind up trying out all the scents before too long.

By the way, my mom loves the lotion! No word on the soap though--I don't think she's tried it out yet. 

- Jennifer

I got my order a good while ago, been distracted with school starting up again. The soap is nice, and my skin has never been so soft, at least in my memory.

I am probably going to take advantage of the breakfast bar sale this month before it goes away, I need to see what I can do to preserve these little soaps- it feels like it's going far too quickly but I think that's just my familiarity with the huge blocks of soap one would normally buy in a store. I might have to look into this wool thing, or the soap meshes mentioned earlier in the thread.

I was also a bit worried that 'gently exfoliating' wouldn't mean much but nope that oatmeal in the breakfast bar gets put to use. Haven't gotten a trip report on the peppermint soap yet as it wasn't FOR me, and they've managed to keep forgetting about it. 

- Comic

Hey, I got the citrus paradise yesterday and my mother loves it! Thanks a lot for sending one. I really appreciate it. 

- Maxine

I really like the scent of the almond biscotti. These soaps are really really high quality. :)

- Nathan

I put in an order for three soaps and a small lotion can't wait to try them for my oily skin as well! And they will be a great gift for someone I know who prefers bar soap! 

- Anonymous

Just ordered two Oatmeal bars to try to fight my crazy oily/dry face.

- Anonymous

Just found this thread - awesome!

I placed an order for a bar of breakfast soap (which sounds delicious) and some unscented lotion. Can't wait to try them! 

- Anonymous

Chiming in to say the gingersnap scented lotion was a huge hit on Christmas Day. It smells wonderful without being overpowering and my better half loved it.

- Anonymous

Thank you for the christmas card Ember!

If I could I'd love to get into the lip balm group, even though I just picked up a bunch of lip balm at the store.

Also my coworkers loved their soaps I gave 'em for christmas! 

- Chad

It's almost time for me to restock on soap and lotion! That bottle of lotion I bought sure goes a long way. I've been using it nearly every day and I'm still not out yet. Gonna place my order after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. If possible, I'd love to try a sample of the Banana Coconut lip balm in the mean time!

Alsooo - thank you for the holiday card I got in the mail. That's pretty awesome of you. 

- Emily

I forgot to post in this thread earlier, but my last order arrived with no problems and my mom's lavender gift set is currently wrapped and sitting under the Christmas tree. And thank you for the almond biscotti bar! I kept that one for myself. ;)

- Jennifer

I am starting a new job soon (As I put in your PM) and when I get paid I will be making another order, I love the Juinper Sage soap, and I would love to try the Oatmeal Soap you recommended for my 4 month old, so as soon as I get paid with the new job I will be ordering a lot of soap to keep me stocked up! 

- Zack

Received my soaps yesterday. The girlfriend is going to love them! 

- Anonymous

Everything came in, this soap is awesome. 

- Anonymous

They came yesterday, mum loves 'em! The Pumpkin spice was a nice surprise, thank you <333 I am definitely buying some for myself in January.

- Anonymous

These soaps are the best. Sucks that I'm almost out and cant order until after the new year though, stupid budgeting. 

- Chad

Just ordered 4 bars to Philadelphia. I hope I made it in time for christmas.

- Anonymous

I got 3 soaps for my girlfriend's birthday last month and she loved them! They're almost all gone now and I just put in an order for a bunch more for stocking stuffers. These are fantastic! 

- Anonymous

Through a horrible combination of me screwing up my order (Paypal!) and the post office, I've been out of soap for several days now. Every day I run to the mailbox like a kid waiting for a Little Orphan Annie decoder ring, only to be disappointed.

My skin is changing. It is getting dry, rough and uncomfortable. I feel like I'm wearing itchy wool. I need my soap fix!

Ember, as long as you are making these soaps and as long as I can afford to pamper myself then you have a customer. Going from the great feeling of using these soaps to the feeling of going back to my old body wash is a killer. I wish you had autoship! I obviously cannot be trusted with the internet. 

- Sara

I teamed this soap up with a loofah mitt and my skin's never been happier. 

- Chad

Hey just got your package. Just wanted to say this stuff smells great, and I think my mom will love them. The winter fresh lotion smells amazing. Thanks again! 

- Maxine

Just placed another order. Thank you for your wonderful soaps!

- Anonymous

Placed an order for some soap! I am excited. 

- Anonymous

Just ordered the lavender gift set for my mom and another breakfast soap for myself! My mom loves all things lavender, so hopefully she'll dig these.

I am really loving the lotion, by the way. Leaves my skin super soft with no greasiness and the gingersnap scent smells great. The last store-bought lotion I used that was of similar quality cost twice as much for about half the amount. 

- Jennifer

Got my soaps today, they smell absolutely wonderful! I might have to gift them all out and just use the small round soap for myself in the mean time.

- Anonymous

Love these soaps, I'm giving them to everyone at work so hopefully they'll fall in love with 'em too.

Put in another order a couple days ago.

Can't wait. 

- Chad

Just ordered more soap and lotions. I still have plenty of lotion left (it really lasts a long time!), but I just want to try other scents and am impatient.

These products are really fabulous, and Ember is absolutely wonderful if you have any questions or concerns. 

- Sarah

Ordered a second batch. Love the soaps, thank ya 

- Anonymous

Thank you SO much Ember for talking to me via PMs and being so kind.

These soaps smell awesome and i want to shower right now..and maybe eat the oatmeal bar after?

Seriously..you make the standard for hand-made soap..shit just got real

- Prabh Heer

Sister in law loved the gift bag. She already has plans for me to pick up a few more for christmas gifts. Also managed to try out some of the cucumber melon lotion as well. It smells exactly like watermelon flavored bubblelicious and I love it. Thanks again for having such amazing products and being good to us goons, I smell slightly less like cheetos now.

- Anonymous

Just ordered the Juniper Sage and Cedar/Saffron soaps. Can't wait to give them a try!


Can't wait to order more soaps. mmmm 

- C

Just placed an order for the "Morning" hand crocheted gift bag. Gonna make a snazzy ass gift for my Mom this Christmas. 

- Andra

I'm obsessed with fragrances and colognes (I collect the latter), so hook-line-and-sinker! Ordering far-too-many soaps from your soapery. Much oblige! Looking forward to your return and subsequent shipping! 

- Anonymous

My keratosis pilaris has decreased by about half after using this soap. I think it's magic. 

- Jenny

So I've used Ember Cove's soap and lotion for several days now. The lotion is fantastic. I really can't say enough about it. I have used a number of different moisturizers (from regular commercial to fancy natural food store ones) over the years as I have some skin issues that require daily moisturizer, and nothing has behaved like this lotion. Your skin really drinks it in and is left amazingly soft. I currently have some unscented on the way to slather on my face, and can't wait to give it a try.

The soap is taking me a bit to get used to. I've used body wash for years since I don't like the feeling left behind by bar soaps, so that's my big stumbling block here. However, I have noticed a difference in my skin that keeps me coming back for more. I'm often surprised when I touch my leg and find how soft my skin is.

Scents are one thing, but I'm more concerned with performance. So, I gave everything several days, and I am quite pleased. 

- Sera

Oh, so I've used the lemon bar I got and it is seriously fantastic. Looking forward to trying out the peppermint!

- Anonymous

The almond biscotti reminds me of my childhood filled with almond jello!!! THEY SMELL SO GOOD! First time I've ever been excited to use soap; simple yet smells delicious and all the ingredients make my skin excited. 

- Anonymous

I'd just like to reiterate how much I love the gingersnap lotion. I usually get sick of a scent very quickly if I use it often, but this stuff not only smells great, but the scent is mild enough so that I don't experience that sensory overload thing so quickly, even after using it every day for my hands and face. Also, I let someone else try it out and, upon sniffing it, she so eloquently proclaimed, "Oh my f**k", and began to slather it all over her arms. This is a good thing. I'll be ordering more after you return from your trip!

- Emily

Got my shipment a little while ago and the soap is great. Just popping back in to say that the person I gave the lotion to said it was awesome, and she wants to know if you're keeping pumpkin pie lotion past the holidays or if after November it's gone until next year. If so I'll probably be picking up a bit of extra to hold her off for a little while since pumpkin is a favorite. :)

Also, the regular soap that was mine just plain rocks. :D

- Anonymous

I received my order last week, for some reason they came on separate days. The baby turtle soap are so cute me and my wife loved them. We tried them out that night on my 12 week old boy and his dry skin seems to be doing a ton better since we added your soap.

So far I only tried the guest soap since it smelled so damn good and I love it, my skin feels so soft and not like a alligator hide anymore, I can't wait to try the pumpkin spice once I clear some room in the shower.

- Zack

They arrived!! :D I was scared another disappearing act was going to happen again, but oh my lord was this worth the wait. I haven't washed with any of them yet but they smell so amazing. I can't wait to see how they perform in the shower. Thanks Ember!

- Jenny

I just received my order - winter white lotion, a pumpkin bar and a gingerbread bar.

So far I've tried the lotion. This stuff is incredibly thick but disappears into your skin and doesn't leave you feeling greasy. Like mentioned earlier in the thread, it leaves a powdery kind of feel behind.

The winter white scent is quite something. The mint, chocolate, and sugar smells mixed together form a perfume-like scent. I think it's the peppermint smell softened by the sugary smell that does it. It doesn't have the sharp, minty edge. It's definitely not an overpowering scent, and I tend to hate perfumes, but this is very nice (and I keep smelling my hands as I type this!)

I have really dry skin and I can't wait to see how they do.

I also can't stop picking up the free soap to smell it. Amazing scent. The other ones are greedily keeping most of their scents behind wraps, so I can't comment on them yet.

- Sara 

You won me over. I love a good soap. Just ordered two lemon bars and two juniper bars to Brooklyn, NY. 

- Anonymous

Just got my soap in the mail yesterday and it smells amazing! Thanks! 

- Anonymous

Hello! Thank you for your soap explanation a few pages back, I am now less of a soap pleb. I love... LOVE the oatmeal soap sample. As I said before, I have terrible, terrible face skin, and I have to say even the lemon soap kind of flaked my face a bit. The oatmeal however was excellent.

I will now proceed to buy out your oatmeal soap. Do not resist.

- Anonymous

Just put in an order for 3 bars: Breakfast, Ginger Snap, and Christmas Spice, all for my gf's birthday. She loves to eat goat's milk, so I think she'll like washing with it as well. Hopefully it gets to Austin in a week. 

- Anonymous

I received a bar of breakfast soap unscented and a bottle of peppermint lotion today.

It's tough to find a good lotion that isn't too oily but also moisturizes the hell outta your hands. This stuff is really amazing. To me this is the quality level of Lay It On Thick. I'm really impressed. I'm an electrician so I must keep these mitts gorgeous.

Just washed my face with the breakfast soap. I've been using neutrogena bar because my face gets oily from work but that is like an acid wash. This stuff left me feeling just as clean but softer.

Anyone receiving these as gifts will forgive you for not giving them gifts last year. Then they'll ask where they can get more and you'll be like embercove.com. End of story.

Top quality!

I also want to eat the sample soaps.

- Garret

Just wanted to take a second to follow up on my post from however long ago, I ended up ordering two bars, the gingersnap and the unscented. The gingersnap scent is freaking amazing and isn't overpowering in the least. I swear, every time I pick it up, I have to stick it in my face to smell it. I'm almost disappointed that I got an unscented bar!

It's the best soap I've ever used, it makes your skin feel bitchin.

And now you tell me you have pumpkin soap, I may not be able to resist that even though I'm not even through with my first order!

- Anonymous

Just came home to find my second package full of goodies. I'm loving the gingersnap lotion. Also...I have annoying combination skin - it gets incredibly dry around my mouth and cheeks, but I have an oily T-zone. Using this soap for the past week or so seems to have evened everything out. It's nice to not feel that nagging urge to wash my face as often.

- Emily

I got my order the other day, which is really great since I live in Sweden so a week for shipping is awesome. I've used the oatmeal soap and peppermint lotion for my face so far, and my skin feels totally smooth and hasn't gotten as oily as I usually get, which is also amazing! I've been looking for a lotion that doesn't aggrevate my face for ages, since loads of lotions have alcohol in them which makes my skin either really dry or really oily, but this one doesn't!

All the soaps smell amazing and I really look forward to seeing my relatives open the presents at Christmas!

I know I'll definitely be back for more if they keep working this good! 

- Anonymous

Got my soaps yesterday, the Christmas spice is one of the best smelling things I've ever smelled. Just putting it in the bathroom soap dish somehow makes my entire bathroom smell amazing, even though the soap is not overpoweringly scented! Thanks, will order again!

- Anonymous

Got my sample today! Tried it immediately and love it. Going to use it a few more times to see if it'll help with my dry skin but I'm pretty sure I'll end up ordering some soap from you later this month -- I'm broke as hell but my skin is so dry that it literally flakes off. I've tried tons of different soaps and lotions over the years but nothing seems to work. This feels different, and I think it might help.

Thanks a lot. 

- Anonymous

I'm sold. I placed another order for two pumpkin pie soaps and a small bottle of gingersnap lotion.

- Emily

I got my soap today. Wonderful stuff. Will be ordering more soon. Both for myself and some gifts. I love peach and the smell made me nearly want to eat the bar. 

- Anonymous

I love the lotion.

The first time I used it I used WAAAYYY too much. I usually use hardly any, it's crazy how little you need.

And it does leave a powdery feeling that doesn't really seem to come off like oily lotions. It just takes a minute to dry. 

- Chad

Got my soap! Thanks again. I'm sorely tempted to try out some of your lotions now too, so expect another order from me some time in the near future. 

- Emily

Just ordered a breakfast bar and the juniper sage scent. They're for my dad who uses those cheap soaps that come in big bundles, so maybe these will make him look and feel better.

- Daten

Just sent an order for one of the breakfast bars. Can't wait to give this a shot, it has got to be better than the soap, body wash and lotion I use currently to keep my skin from flaking off constantly.

- Anon

Just placed an order. Can't wait to have awesome skin!

- Anonymous

I received my sample today! Thanks! Gotta say, I'm totally in love with the almond biscotti. It's such a nice rich scent, but not over-powering at all. I tried it on my face and it left my skin soft and smooth. My face always gets horribly dried out during this time of year, so hopefully this will help. I just ordered 3 more bars through the site (I left my username in the special instruction notes through Paypal). You can also expect more business from me around the gift-giving season!

- Emily

About to take a shower JUST to try these out. Got home from work and had a wonderful smelling package in my mailbox.

Will report back with results.

Double post for trip report:

Incredible. I didn't wanna get out of the shower...

One thing I like is that I occasionally get soap in my mouth, usually this tastes terrible and I can't stand it. I got a lil in my mouth this time, not bad at all. I'm definitely not saying eat the soap, but it's really nice that it's not terrible.

Will definitely order more and I'll recommend these soaps to everyone I know. I'm positive everyone is gonna love this stuff.

Also my cat likes the scents quite a bit.

 - Neu

Ladyfriend got the soaps and is so far very impressed with them! Thanks! 

- Anonymous

Ohhh I am so getting my boyfriend some of this for christmas when I get paid in a week. He's just recently agreed to switch soap brands because I really don't like the brand he's got now, plus it dried out his skin and he's got huge problems with eczemas and such.

And it's obviously a win-win for the both of us since I LOVE the smell of sandal wood on men!  :D

- Anonymous

I bought some of the lemon soap and it was easily the best decision of my life. Great job! You have a new lifetime customer. :)

- Anonymous

Ordered some soap for the lady friend. Gingersnap soap? Yes, please! 

- Anonymous

Ordered a sample today, and received a fast reply! Looking forward to trying out the soap and hopefully sending a lot more money.

- Anonymous

I ordered 4 bars of Oatmeal soap off Creep. Great goon that was really supportive of trying to make a sale by accommodating a lower shipping rate to Canada.

I am looking forward to my package. They also shipped same day as I paid.

Buy some soap.

- Prabh Heer

I've used a few soaps from Ember Cove and my girlfriend has tried the lotions. The soap's were all fantastic(Lemon is by far the best!) And while I'm not the kind of guy that uses lotions it smelled so good that I wanted to eat it. I can't recommend the soaps anymore highly.

- Brett

I bought one of Ember Cove's soaps when she first started. I got the original recipe in a lilac fragrance. It was custom-made for me, and I've been really impressed with it. The scent is lovely, and the soap really is very moisturizing. This is the time of year that I usually start having to use lotion after I shower to keep my skin from drying out, but I haven't had to do that since I've been using this soap. The cost is pretty reasonable for a shipped bar of homemade soap, so I'd say definitely try it out. It makes my mornings a little better to start with such a nice, good-smelling soap, and I've been really pleased with my skin since I started using it.

- Anonymous

Live Life Beautifully!

All orders are now sent off on Mondays! (Due to college starting up again. Please plan ahead if ordering for a gift, and thank you for understanding!)