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All orders are sent on Mondays. Delivery confirmation is included with every order once it is shipped (all orders outside the continental U.S. will get an email stating the package has been sent, but no tracking number). I send packages using the cheapest price which is normally priority (2-3 days).

(Large orders of lotions or shaving oils may have to be postponed on a case-by-case basis).

    Holiday Shipping

    Mother's Day (2nd Sunday in May) - We will take all orders 10 days prior to Mother's Day. Anything after that we will NOT guarantee arrival before Mother's Day.

    Christmas (December 25th) - We will take all Christmas orders until December 7th. Anything after that we will NOT guarantee arrival before Christmas.


    If you are unhappy in any way, shape or form with your product after receiving it, please let me know immediately via email or telephone. We will work out a solution for refunds on a case-by-case basis*. I will happily replace any product you are unhappy with. I have a full satisfaction guarantee, and I want you to be happy with what you order! Do not be afraid to contact me with any questions, concerns, or even complaints. I take pride in my customer service, and I care a lot about your personal happiness with your order.

    *If ordering an 8oz lotion of a scent you have never tried, and do not like the scent, I will not refund the full amount. Please order smaller sizes if unsure.

    Seasonal Specials

    We annually have at least one seasonal special. This is when to look out for new ones!

    Spring - March 20th

    Summer - June 21st

    Fall - September 22nd

    Winter - December 21st

    Misc. Issues

    Any miscellaneous issues not listed here should be brought to my attention immediately via email or phone. Please allow 24 hours for me to reply. I am more than happy to resolve within my power. :)

    Live Life Beautifully!

    All orders are sent off on Mondays!

    All items are hand-made & crafted by me (see my about me page for more information).