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Lotions and shaving oils are available in ALL fragrances. Please select "custom" from either the lotions or shaving oils, and request the scent in the comment box when ordering if it is not available in the initial order drop down menu. :)

1. Almond Biscotti - YUM!!! This irresistible scent is sure to please anyone! It smells just like home-made cookies right out of the oven! We strongly suggest this scent for any kind of gift. (It's also featured in our "free-bee" soaps!)

2. Apple Cider - Just like the name suggests, this warm scent will fill any room with that yummy apple fragrance filled with delicious spices. A perfect year-round fragrance for anyone!

3. Bamboo Lotus - A luscious mix of grapefruit, mango, and sandalwood.

** Beneath the Stars ** LIMITED STOCK - A  yummy blend of grape, peach and plum with sparkling citrus, rose and musk. This is such a fresh scent, we highly recommend it as a perfect gift!

4. Bergamot and White Tea - Italian bergamot, Sicilian lon and southern orange winds down with green tea leaves, star jasmine, amber crystals and the perfect amount of light musk.

5. Black Amber Lavender -  Deep and invigorating, this fragrance blends rustic Amber with bold Parisian Lavender. Combined with these main scents are Black Myrrh, vanilla Tonka bean, and a hint of Egyptian Musk. This is an earthy concoction with hints of sweetness and pleasing floral notes. 

6. Black Amber Musk - The perfect blend of black amber, clove, nutmeg and musk

7. Blackberry Sage Tea - This scent is just plain scrumptious! A delightful treat of blackberry and sage mixed with musk and tea notes. A favorite!

8. Blood Orange & Goji - Hints of blood orange juice and sweet satsuma orange wedges mixed with goji berry and island mango.

9. Cedar & Saffron - Smoky scent of cedar with a wonderful addition of saffron. 

10. Chestnuts & Brown Sugar - A holiday treat of roasted chestnuts, caramel, rich butter, brown sugar and vanilla. You can't go wrong with this.

11. Christmas Spice - Yummy scent of candied ginger and cinnamon sugar. Perfect for the winter holidays, but great any time of the year!

12. Citrus Paradise/Energy - Stimulating blend of citrus, including grapefruit, lemon and lime with hints of cucumber and jasmine. Also has traces of pineapple, and blackberry.

** Clementine Cupcake ** LIMITED STOCK - Absolutely DELICIOUS! (please refrain from eating bath products with this scent!) This fruity little fragrance smells just like Fruit Loops cereal. If you're from out of country, think orange sherbet and cake batter. We love this scent!

13. Country Apple - This yummy scent smells extremely delicious. Just like an apple picked fresh from the orchard, this scent will remind you of biting into that crisp and yummy fruit. 

14. Cucumber Melon - This juicy fragrance has been with me since day one and I absolutely love it. It's ripe with flavor and makes an all year favorite, though it's even more perfect for the Spring and Summer months!

15. Dune Grass A crisp blend of bamboo leaf and lemon verbena intertwined with bergamot and lush orchid.

16. Fresh Vanilla - Just like the name suggests, this is a wonderful scent of vanilla!

17. Fruit Loops - A sweet and delectable delight of juicy orange, ripe berries, tangerine and sugared vanilla.

18. Georgia Peach - Smells just like a juicy ripe peach! 

19. Gingersnap - Light scent of gingersnap cookies, with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla.

** Indian Sandalwood ** LIMITED STOCK - Strong woody scent. It's smoky, deep and musky. 

20. Island Coconut - Take your skin to a tropical paradise with this light and fresh scent of coconut.

21. Jasmine - Smells just like the wonderful white Jasmine flower. Refreshing and very fragrant.

** Juniper Sage ** LIMITED STOCK - Take your senses on a trip to snowy peaks where you find tall and wonderful Juniper trees. This is a strong scent that's crisp, clean, brisk and masculine. It has strong scents of evergreen, juniper, and sage. 

** L de' Lolita Lempicka ** LIMITED STOCK - A blend of fresh citrus notes of lemon and orange with cashmere and sandalwood. 

22. Lavender - This relaxing fragrance truly smells like the wonderful scent of Lavender flowers. 

23. Lemon - Smells like fresh lemons! 

24. Lilac - Soothing and light scent of lilac flowers. 

25. Lime Mint Fresh mint sprigs and juicy lime intermingle in this cool, crisp fragrance. A perfect gift scent for any occasion!

26. Mahogany Teakwood A robust blend of mahogany, teak, cedar and oak.

27. Midnight Musk - This is truly a cologne type fragrance and reminds us a lot of Abercrombie and Fitch.  It has a strong musk scent with a hint of bergamot which has a bit of a leather scent with sandalwood. Also compare it to the Victoria's Secret scent "Very Sexy for Men".

28. Oakmoss Sandalwood - This is a great earthy blend of oakmoss and sandalwood with tonka bean, cedarwood, lemon and petitgrain. 

29. Peppermint - Strong scent of peppermint candies. This really stimulates the senses and is perfect if you have a stuffy nose or are feeling cloudy.  

** Plumeria ** LIMITED STOCK - This is a tropical fruit scent that is great for spring. It's a sweet ambrosial nectar that is sure to please anyone.

** Raspberry Blitz ** LIMITED STOCK - Sun-kissed notes of sweetly ripened raspberry swirl on top of luscious strawberry and clementine accords.

30. Raspberry Lemonade - The perfect scent for hot summer months or even cold winter days! 

31. Sage & Cinnamon - Simple, yet scrumptious. Sage and cinnamon combined with notes of clove and nutmeg.

32. Sandalwood Patchouli - The name says it all! It is a very woodsy mix!

33. Sea Island Cotton - A fresh scent comprised of muguet, rose, jasmine, and fresh air accord. 

** Sugar Leaf ** LIMITED STOCK - Vanilla Sugar, Sparkling Citron, Apple Peel, Sheer Floral, Sensual Woods, and Creamy Musk..

34. Sugar Plum A fresh sweetened plum sprinkled with orange zest, cloudberry, vanilla and sugared musk.

35. Sweet Vanilla Chai - Shaved coconut, sticky maple syrup, golden butter, and white chocolate tea blended with warm holiday spices and vanilla rum.

36. Tahitian Vanilla - A hint of coconut with orange, lily, vanilla and roses.

37. Tuscan Herb - Notes of basil, eucalyptus, and lavender wrapped in neroli and soothing tea leaves.

38. Vanilla Blossom - French vanilla blended with a fresh air accord, coconut, ylang-ylang and rose.

39. Vanilla Oak - Warm Oak, Soft Amber, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Creamy Vanilla.

40. Warm Vanilla Sugar - Rich, decadent notes of brown sugar and vanilla nestled with a hint of musk. 

41. Winter White - Soft scent of peppermint candy, sugar, and a hint of chocolate. 


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