Ember Cove

All About Ember Cove!

I send orders off on Mondays! Please plan ahead if ordering for a gift.

My name is Ember, owner of Ember Cove. I alone run every aspect of the business from making my products, packaging, sending them off and maintaining my website.

I choose all natural and gentle ingredients for all of my products to help bring out your skin's natural beauty. I research every single ingredient I use to ensure quality products that are beneficial for even the most sensitive skin.

My goat milk soap is specially created for sensitive skin. The ingredients I use are known to help heal and soothe acne, eczema, dry skin, rashes, the effects of psoriasis and more! With all natural ingredients, you will fall in love with this hypoallergenic recipe and its smell, feel, and wonderful quality.

Ever since I can remember, my skin has been so sensitive that I have never been able to use most commercial soaps or products without some kind of damaging or negative effect. When I was young, my mom bought me special soap to use so my skin wouldn't get the normal rashes caused by big name product soap. I even use special hypoallergenic laundry detergent and I still have to rinse my clothes twice. Finding products I could use on my skin was a nightmare, but I managed to persevere.
I began soap making in 2009 as a hobby when I found an amazing interest in natural cures that were beneficial to skin ailments. After two years, I perfected a mix of soap and came up with a spectacular recipe that would work as a facial, body, and hand cleanser that naturally and gently moisturizes skin.  It has to this day helped my customers manage their eczema, dry skin, sunburns, rosacea, and topical effects of psoriasis. My recipe is gentle enough for the most baby sensitive skin, and yet it helps the most rugged sandpaper carpenter hands become soft and healthy with ease.

I began making lotions during the summer of 2011, and the mix of goat milk and honey leaves your skin feeling fantastic with a powdery clean feel (the unscented makes a great makeup primer). My lip balms were started in the winter of 2011 and are dedicated to my mom who can't use any soy products.

I'm hopeful that my soaps, lotions, shaving oils, lip balms and other bath products are sure to benefit you as much as they do for me. Everything I make is hand-crafted with a lot of thought and care. In fact, I have a satisfaction guarantee on all my products, and if you're unhappy for any reason I'll gladly replace or refund the item you're unhappy with!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me any time.