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On Friday, August 3rd, my mother called and had pretty hard news to handle. She has breast cancer, and needs to get a mastectomy. Luckily it is not a life-threatening situation, but it is a financially threatening one which is causing additional stress. Not having retirement or insurance at the job she works at has brought us the question of how she can pay for her surgery which will add up to over $15k; more than half her annual salary before taxes and bills. 

A wonderful person, my mom, Candace, has helped others her entire life. Never judgmental, never too busy or too poor to take care of someone else, she has sheltered many relatives and friends over the years. She lives in Arizona and my grandma lives with her at the house to help pay bills. My mom has been taking out of her life savings to help me pay for my college this semester without me asking. Not in a rich position, she lives as though she already has everything she could ever want. She gives without ever asking or expecting anything in return. Many of my Ember Cove hand crocheted bags that I sold were made by my mom herself as she taught me how to make them as well. She takes care of everyone and has sadly been taken advantage of a few times by the greed of others, but has never turned her back on them or given up hope. A true role model, I want to help her like she has helped me and countless others.

Since I moved to Maryland, it is rather difficult for me to make it home for her. Due to college starting and a few credit card bills to pay off because of it, I will not be able to fly out and take care of my mom during the first couple weeks after the surgery. Luckily, we have family out in Arizona who can help take care of our pets and care for her like I wish I could.

I can't do that much for her, but I would like to help her pay for her surgery by fundraising. If you are in a position where you could help her out, it would be more than appreciated. Any amount of donation is wonderful, even if it is under a dollar. I can't do this alone, and your kindness and generosity is greatly needed. 

Please, help us raise $15k so my mom can afford her hospital bill and have a safe recovery. 

Any letters or cards to my mom would be absolutely wonderful as well. She checks my P.O. Box in Arizona so any letters to her can be sent to:

P.O. Box 2753
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

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